Friend still provisional rank

My friend whom I am teaching has played 5 ranked games with me. Does the provisional rank take longer to be lifted if all ranked games are with a single player? Is so, how many games do we have to play? His user name is Trey530. Thanks!

The provisional status gets removed if the deviation (the number after the ±) is lower than 150.

I don’t know how many games are needed to achieve this in your case.

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I suspect that playing only the same person takes longer to reduce uncertainty (deviation).

For a start, you need a balance of wins and losses.

It also may be worth mentioning that you aren’t allowed to teach during ranked games.



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What is the reason to get rid of the provisional status? At the moment it looks like the rating system will estimate your friends rating very wrong. His rank will be around 12k. You know if that estimation would be correct.

I think handicap games on 9x9 and 13x13 are not suited to get the rating correct, since the rule “1 handicap stone = 1 rank difference” only works for 19x19.

At least

Thanks everyone for your input. I know he wanted to know what his approximate rank was. Now I realize that any rank given under these circumstances wouldn’t even be approximate lol.

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Thanks for that information! That’s helpful. As for the teaching, it doesn’t happen during the games. We merely review them afterwards. That is good to know however.

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