Fujisawa Rina advising new pair Go manga

I just read about this on L19.

The source information is on this Japanese site.


Anyone who knows Japanese can check the ranking and sales?

I tried reading the first chapter: https://www.futabasha.co.jp/tachiyomi/vtreader.html?pc=1&fd=ma_pairgoLR But it loads so slowly.

Top left: Bet everything on the “sport of knowledge”
Top right: The start of a classical coming of age story (contains love & comedy)
Black letters: It is the ultimate conversation of the heart ( / mind / soul, but given the picture of a literal heart, I’ll assume it means heart literally)
The title (Gunbu no Pair Go) in orange
In teal letters in the middle: that it is created in cooperation with the Japanese Pair Go association and Fujisawa Rina.

In yellow the writer: Takagi Yuuna


Hmm, Rina is a little younger than Umezawa Yukari was when she began advising to Hikaru no Go in 1999

Rina is 22, Umezawa was 25 or 26.

Rengo 1/2?

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