Full AI reviews for official tournaments

Hello, I was wondering whether OGS might enable full AI review for games played in officially organized tournaments, for instance for tournaments organized by national federations, that are ranked for the national (or international) ranking, and hosted on OGS.

This would have several advantages:
-it would give the players a “teaser” for the full AI review function, on a very small sample of their games (typical motivated players play one such tournament every 2 months I would say). They might want to to get it permanently if they like the function.
-it would encourage federations to host their tournaments on OGS.


Not sure if I understand the suggestion. If one signs up for Site Support(link below), one gets the AI review function.

Am I missing anything here?

Yes I think you miss something.

If I understood well the OP, he suggest to have the AI full review for everyone on a few games only (the ones of the tournament) Not like for one subscriber for all the games.

That could attract more tournaments organisators and advertise for what OGS can offer.


Moderators can, and frequently do, kick off full reviews for big games, fwiw. Also all games played by professional accounts have a full review done on them. Basically I’m generally in support of this idea, but I think we kinda have it covered already, if in a somewhat manual sense currently.


So I suppose the only thing would be to be explicit with tournament organisers and participants that this will be offered consistently or on their demand.
It seems like a missed opportunity to be offering this incentive but not advertise it


Yep fair point


Incidentally; when a helpful mod triggers a review manually for a game, that won’t include the interactive feature which still requires site supporter status to use.

It’s the same scenario for a regular user looking at the AI review provided by the supporter status of their opponent.