Full Screen?

Hi there,

I was wondering if there could be a full-screen button on the sidebar when in a game. Basically what I’m wondering is if there is a way to have a button on the OGS page, that does the same as pressing the F11 button.

While I could just press the F11 button, much of the time, I don’t have my keyboard on me when I play a game on the computer, I usually have my Keyboard off to one side. And instead of trying to remember which F button it is every time. I was wondering if a button with the fame function could be put on to OGS. Though I have no idea who that would work on Mobile Phones or Tablets.

Thank you for reading.


Well I learnt something new today. ‘F11’. Thankyou.


I would also encourage the development of such a button. I only recently discovered the use of F11 (although it is quite obvious), and I love to have full screen mode on as it allows me to focus on a game without distractions. In addition, I have a notebook laptop and thus a very small screen. Anything to make the board larger is a good thing for me! :grinning:

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Is there a keyboard shortcut for (de)activating Zen mode? It would make the situation even easier if there were. But it wouldn’t be necessary. For Windows users, AutoHotKey could handle this simply!

That is you could write a simple script to activate Zen mode and Full Screen Mode in Chrome, and bind the script to whatever button or action you desired. I’m far from a programmer, but I’ve learned to mess with AHK rather proficiently. On top of that, the forums are full of people who don’t mind helping newbies write their scripts (or flat out write them for them).