Funny rule

I see a rule that is weird. If you are on bye you get a point.
It may have have some reason.
But I just noticed this occurring. A player with one real win got ahead of two players with two wins.
He got two byes, and so he got 3 points. Really funny. I understand, with a bye you get robbed of the chance of a point. Maybe should be half a point.

take a look and see…

Maybe this was discussed before, but at a quick glance could not see it. Is not big deal though. Just reported it to be sure that it is known


Swiss is the worst tournament system, hands down.

I read in wiki that any player should not get more than 1 bye. And that sounds fair.

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Even though they get a full point for byes, they don’t get any tie breaker points since they didn’t play anyone, so it shouldn’t be too much of an advantage

@BHydden, I have no idea how it is on ties, and what I mentioned is that the point counts even before it gets to tie. Please read again my message an eventually take a look at tournament quoted. So, a player has one real win, and is ahead of two players with two real wins. Really really weird.

@andysif , yes those two byes added made the impossible possible. With a single bye, I suppose that you can only make a tie with players with a win more, but then at tie the point is irrelevant and you get the last under the others.

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A bye is 1/2 point in big, open chess tournaments, like Isle of Man. For TB purposes, I think it counts as “half a point against a player of your rating”. Don’t see why it should be different, here…

Also, my experience with running a Swiss IRL was that it made the most sense to give the bye to the last place player that hadn’t had a bye yet. After a round or two, it basically meant that the byes didn’t affect who won the tournament. Not sure how it works here, since I’ve only done one tourney…

“bye” is kinda like “a win by default” so it counts as 1 point, same as winning against an opponent.

I see that greenhunter got 2 byes and 1 win, total of 3 points. The only thing i find weird is that same person got 2 byes, normally TD’s do their best to avoid same player getting mroe than just one bye during a tournament, but sadly this isn’t the case on OGS.

There has been other tournaments like this, where one player has gotten more than 1 byes. I hope someday OGS would limit this somehow.

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I think (though not certain) that the server assigns these things automatically so maybe we should tag @anoek at this point?

yes these are sitewide tournaments, automated I think. On monitored ones the organizer has the option to take or give points for correction.

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