g0t stats? (tool development)

If you guys run into server problems, just let me know. I might be able to help.

Oops, almost forgot to say that it is really cool what you did. Thanks.


I’m in a crossroad of usability vs visual here. I just finished making the number & percentage show on the chart, but then it look really bad, because many people have extremely low rate (one of my friend has 1% win rate on unranked game). In those case there’s no space to write anything at all.
So I just decided to keep it as it is… can’t think of a better way to do this, or maybe I’ll find another plugin later ._.

Anyway at least the percentage is working fine, so we have that going well :slight_smile:

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fyi… you can query the players list with filters for isolating the username:


We also support more complex filtering like so:


Then pull ids from the result set. This is how our own player search box works.

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This app is really awesome! Thanks for building this, @sefo and @AVAVT!

I would only suggest adding more ways to slice and dice the data, e.g., options to select games by board size, time settings (live vs correspondence), tournament/ladder status, along with the ability to filter out annulled games.

Are ongoing games being counted as losses right now?
On my stats page, 37 ranked games are shown, but I’ve only finished 31 ranked games on the site. The number of wins (19) is correct, but the number of losses is higher by 6, which is also how many games I have ongoing.
Also, my overall stats says 54 games, but I have actually only finished 48.

Thanks @yebellz, I now have the confirmation that ongoing games are counted in the total games displayed.
You actually have 6 ongoing games, so it shows 6 more games in your overall total.
I will fix that.

EDIT: It’s fixed now

Oh and of course we already thought about all the other stats we can add :smile:

@Reemi thanks for the help. I’ll come back to you if the host becomes too much of a problem.

@matburt I didn’t want to make another call to the api to save loading time but I’ll have to do it anyway to add usability.

@AVAVT I just saw the percentages. That’s a great addition. Keep it like this, it looks great.

I understand. :cry: < jk > only crying with one eye :wink:

Though … I’d really, really, really love to have also the numbers at one sight … perhaps with a checkbox so that nobody gets sensory overflow against their will? Or couldn’t the numbers stand below the “losses”/“wins” line?

Or perhaps a table below all with everything that’s visualized below? I think that would be very helpful.

Two typos I’ve noticed: it has to be losses and annulled.

Thanks again, it’s amazing what you folks have created in such a short time!

Cordially, Tom

Oh thank you & sorry about that since I’m not really good at English T_T

About the value display, I’ll look for another options to compare later. I choose this plugin originally because it have that really cool animation :slight_smile:

Some more ideas I think would be interesting:

  1. We’re going to have strongest/weakest opponent faced, so in addition to that, a Total number of different opponents faced would be fun.
  2. Ranking overall in OGS, could be “Your are the x-th strongest player on OGS”, or “You are in the top x% of OGS”. Could be really fun to see, though I don’t know if OGS api support such a query of the entire user base :slight_smile:
  3. Longest win streak (I don’t think longest lose streak would be a good idea)
  4. Statistics vs a certain player in case someone really hate someone (or is it love?)
  5. An option to not counting annulled games.
  6. Board size is mentioned but no one mentioned handicap games I think? Maybe a option of “including handicaped games” is good too.

Too many maybe? It’s up to sefo to decide though since I didn’t even read the OGS API :slight_smile:


If you have any questions about filtering then feel free to ask away in the api development category… we have pretty good support across most fields returned by the api.

That’s going to be tricky… what does “strongest” really mean? :wink: It would be difficult to base that strictly on wins/losses

I think they mean via rating. Is a rating percentile table available?

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@matburt: Yes I meant exactly like yebellz said.
Rating percentile is not needed, for players of the same rating we can just say they’re the same rank.

There’s a plot hole with provisional players though, but I suppose people won’t fake their rank just to see a fake analysis?

ostensibly you could do something like this:


However it doesn’t look as though I expose rating in the main user list (I’ll fix this)

This works though it only rank sorted:


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We now have a highest/lowest opponent rating graph as well as the average rank of opponents in ranked games.
There’s also a menu for easy navigation.


This doesn’t seem to work anymore :frowning:

Stupid free hosting:

Client used disposable email address (it is anonymous temporary e-mail address) during registration, which is not allowed

I was going to implement the graph thingy Can the data behind the ranking graph be downloaded? and realized what happened.

I also have an app that downloads OGS games and zips them for the gostyle webapp, just can’t find a suitable place to host all that.

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@sefo,[quote=“sefo, post:35, topic:1608”]just can’t find a suitable place to host all that.[/quote]

Define “suitable”, please — what exactly are your requirements?