G0tstats is back! (with more stats)

Hello everyone,

So the old app has stopped working, and I decided to revive it on my own host. You can find it here. :smile:

For those who didn’t know about the app before, it’s a little tool that provide some interesting statistics about a player on OGS. I also added some more information that wasn’t there before. What’s more, the new version is mobile-friendly, meaning you can stalk people on your phone now :wink:

I hope you find it interesting. And it would be great to have some feedback and also suggestions on what other information you want to have. :smile:

To be added soon:

Already Added

  • Search by username
  • Performance across time settings (blitz/live/correspondence)
  • Activity for the last 15 days (win/loss each day)
  • Game result histogram.
  • Performance on even games (no handicap). Hopefully this will solve the “I suck at black” issue.
  • Performance in tournaments

Known issues

  • Timezone differences may cause time-related information to differ between users. I decided to leave it be as OGS’s game listing also use the local timezone.
  • Username searching are case-sensitive, I also decided to leave it be because a less strict search method will require more complicated input.

Neat app! It complements OGS really nicely. I think it would be nice, though not necessary, if OGS paid you to integrate it as part of their website.

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Hey hiryuu, thanks for the compliments :smile:

The app is really small & simple, so I don’t plan to monetize it in anyway :smile:


A w e s o m e, thank you!

If I may suggest something: I think it would be easier to understand at one glance if you changed the colours of the charts to green for wins and red for losses, according with (for example) how it is shown in the lists on user profiles here.

OT content: Interesting, BTW, that my winning rate is higher when I play White …


Same for me, with respect to the win ratio with white. It’s probably because we’re playing weaker players when we’re white.


Very cool thing.
It would be interesting to see statistics about game results. Like, how many games ended in scoring, resignation, time out? And divide it between lost games and won ones, so a person could see if they rarely resign games or resign even if margin is small? Also you could make a histogram of scores in games, so a person can see that, for example, most of his won games ended in range 20-30 points difference.
Also it would be interesting to get some information about play style (although maybe it will take too much time to skim through all games). For example, most used opening points.
Anyway, you can do a lot of stuff. If you implement everything, you’ll end up with ton of pages with statistic for each player :slight_smile:

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That’s a good idea @trohde! I’ll change the color… after… I got this @#Q&(% date thing working +_+

@S_Alexander: hmm the game outcome (resign/timeout/scoring) should be easy. The histogram though… it would be difficult to present such information, do you have an example of some sort?

I thought about play style analytics too, but then again if that’s the case I’d probably be busy working on DeepMind now xD


So I finally got the (stalker-friendly) recent activities chart running. Do check it out :smile:
And also colors are changed to coordinate with OGS’ theme as trohde suggested.

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What I meant is just a simple histogram with intervals of points difference along horizontal axis and number of games ended with score lying within each interval along vertical axis. (Maybe I am missing something here?) I’ve drawn an example.

By the way, “Lifetime most active day: 13 Feb 2016 with 443 finished games.” what does that mean?


Oh wow … and so fast :heart: thank you :smile:

Anyway there’s a bug I noticed with some accounts (not mine) under the type of games played. They would put certain percentages for 9x9, 13x13 and 19x19 but then there would oddly be another category called others and it would be a 100% win rate. This was noticed before green/red win/loss ratio update.

After the update, my most activity data got wonky though. “9 Feb 2016 with 464 finished games.” That’s just impossible. :smiley:

For some reason I’m unable to get it to work for me. How long does it usually take to load?

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You probably typed your username instead of your profile account No,. It takes a few seconds, slightly longer/shorter based on your games played.

Used profile account number, but still no dice.

Oh wow yeah that looks pretty cool @S_Alexander, I’ll put it in :smiley:

The other pie is not a bug, it’s a feature!
Some people play some fun games on custom board sizes(like 35x35), and I group all those board sizes into the “Other” sizes.

The incorrect most active day was my fault though, fixed :smile:

@Fairgo after you enter your id the app is supposed to tell you how many pages are being loaded, or does it only say “Fetching games result from OGS: page 0” to you?

Edit: the recent activity chart is quite risky right now, please if you see unreasonable display on it do tell me the id, there are so many cases to cover and I just keep seeing unforesaw cases >.<

Nice app - thank you very much for putting it out there.

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The time settings section is up, thanks to @anoek for the break points info :smile:

Just a suggestion. Can you make it user-adjustable, so that I can tweak my win ratio and have it make me better in real life?


Man I was drinking my milk :joy_cat:
It’s actually quite easy to make the chart user-adjustable, but about you in real life I suggest finding help from a fat robot cat from the 22nd century :wink:


You can now search by username, and also game results distribution chart is up :smile: