Game access problem

Hello guys,

I have a problem, since a few weeks, I can not create a game, challenge a friend, or rematch my opponents anymore.

I erased my cookies and everything, and it still doesn’t work.

What should I do ?

Thanks in advance.

User name is powgo

Hi Can you try it under incognito mode / private browsing mode?

Yep it works!

What is the problem?
Is this from the cookies?

Most likely this is a result of old cookies, yeah.

Are there some OGS cookies with different label ?
Cause I erased all the OGS cookies from the list…

Thanks for your answers by the way : )

So ?

On chrome all cookies for a particular domain are listed under the domain… just removing all of those should be fine?

I’m on firefox…
Is it the same ?

I am having this same problem with chrome, deleting cookies won’t help

does using incognito mode work?

Oops… i had automatic updates off, i updated chrome and now everything seems to work perfectly.

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I have been having the same issue for the last few weeks on either Chrome or Firefox (both latest versions). Clearing cookies fixes this temporarily but the problem reoccurs when I come back to the website, going incognito is also a workaround, but not ideal obviously.

The following error pops up in the JavaScript console after clicking on “Create game”:
------> seek_graph/connect
ogs.4.2-494-gf572026.min.js:456TypeError: undefined is not a function
at q.n.challenge (ogs.4.2-494-gf572026.min.js:1638)
at ogs.4.2-494-gf572026.min.js:556
at ogs.4.2-494-gf572026.min.js:659
at q.$eval (ogs.4.2-494-gf572026.min.js:481)
at q.$apply (ogs.4.2-494-gf572026.min.js:481)
at HTMLButtonElement. (ogs.4.2-494-gf572026.min.js:659)
at HTMLButtonElement.u.event.dispatch (ogs.4.2-494-gf572026.min.js:272)
at HTMLButtonElement.b.dispatch (ogs.4.2-494-gf572026.min.js:1063)
at HTMLButtonElement.r.handle (ogs.4.2-494-gf572026.min.js:266) GET 404 (Not Found)

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