Game annulment due to AI where suspected cheater did not win?

Recently I received a notification about AI, may be somebody reported me. Before this I played 2 blitz games where opponents accused me using AI in chat. I recommended them to call a moderator. The games are Tournament Game: Blitz 19x19 Elimination Tournament 2024-05-19 21:30 (116226) R:2 (Peikai Xue vs mikhail.trusfus) and Tournament Game: Blitz 19x19 Elimination Tournament 2024-05-19 21:30 (116226) R:3 (döskee vs mikhail.trusfus) The second game actually wasn’t played at all - opponent on second move place stone at A19 and resigned.

Moderators annulled these games and some recent games but not all. I never use AI. I think it is absolutely okay to annul games to protect other players.

But why to annul games where suspected player did not win at all? In these games opponents win.

There is definitely no reason to use AI to lose game. And I do not think my opponents use AI.

Why did moderators accuse my opponents when received abuse on me?

Where a person has done significant AI abuse (as you did) their rank is then wrong.

We will sometimes annul some or all of the subsequent games, even if those do not appear cheated, because of the wrong rank of the AI user.

“won games” by the AI user are annulled because it’s not fair that the other person took a loss

“lost games” by the AI user are annulled, because the other person did not really defeat someone of this high rank. Quite often, AI users do that only in some games (such as tournaments), so they do suffer defeats (as you pointed out).

You can’t use “whether the game was annulled or not” to determine whether we detected AI in that particular game.

(When AI use is reported for a user, of course we run the detection tools on all of that user’s games, and face the challenge of deciding what to do, when it is a user with a lot of games here, not all cheated - that’s not a simple thing.)


I don’t care about my rank at all. And I don’t care if you accuse me or not. I play for fun and never use AI.

But please do not accuse my opponents. The most of my games are Automatch finder. Opponents are random and definitely affiliated with me.

The annulled games were selectively annulled by moderator. And in some of these games players have an even rank. And most of these definitely not tournaments.

Please rest assured that your opponents were not implicated in the investigation into your AI use.

Yes, I described that this is what happens. A moderator will decide which games to annull, based on the likely effect of recent AI use on the cheater’s rank, and also based on the time and effort involved in combing through all the detection results. Sometimes only a partial job can be done.