Game auto-resigned?

Yesterday my opponent resigned on this game and now it appears as I had resigned. I don’t understand what happened but I remember clearly that my opponent resigned.

It happened again. This time I remember what happened. I still don’t know why though.

I’m teaching the game to a friend and we had planned to finish the game to score counting.

As I saw the notification a move had been played on another game of mine, I went there, played my move and when I submitted it I received the notification of the game with my friend being finished as a resignation from me, which is impossible since I wasn’t even on that game.

Windows 7 Professional Edition + Chrome 49.0.2623.87 m (64-bit)

Hello, Poutror!

If you have willingly abandoned a live/blitz game (you close tab/window, load another page in that tab), it is auto-resigned after some time. You should keep the game opened in a tab or a window. Strange though, there should be a pop-up with a warning IIRC.
The server recognizes disconnection and that timer is more forgiving (I don’t know how much).
This feature was introduced to stop wasting time on abandoned games.

Is it possible that this is the cause?

(I’m not sure if it applies to the first case though. It sounds suspicious.)

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I indeed left the tab in order to play my move on the other game. I was “away” no more than 30 seconds or so though, and I had plenty of time left. It’s not a big deal for that second game since I was teaching, but it has been quite disappointing for the first game.

I did not see any warning popup.

I mean, as long as I have time left in the clock, I should be able to do whatever I want with that time. It seems pretty much of an overkill to punish a player for a tab being closed during less than one minute.

But well, now that I know about this it shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Thank you for responding !

Yeah, you can do whatever you want with your time on the clock, just keep the game open. :wink:

As I have said, this is an issue in online play: players getting annoyed by group dying or something and leaving the game. The other player has to wait till the opponent’s time runs out. :frowning: There were not so rare instances in which the escaper returned just before their time ran out to play a move in hopes that the other one left already.

Yes, I know this strategy, I have lost to it a couple of times in my early days, haha.

I’ll be very careful about that from now on. It raises another issue though : right-clicking the gray notification is just like a left click and this leads to disappointment as well because you can’t open in a new tab.

Try a shift click

Or, at least on Linux Mint, click with both mouse buttons simultaneously.