Game board positioning

Since a couple of days ago, I’m having troubles with the left side of the board. It gets cropped a bit, which makes impossible to see the first line. Here’s the Chrome screen. It looks the same in Safari fullscreen mode.

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Ahh interesting, I bet I know what I did… I’ll get that patched up.


Great. And since you got close to this piece of code, maybe you could make it perfect by removing extra margins? :slight_smile: It now looks awesome (huge stones, yay) in fullscreen, but Safari doesn’t have one in tabbed mode. The board is significantly smaller with unnecessary indentation in place:

Awesomeness looks like this:

Mm indeed. Unfortunately that one isn’t an easy fix, it’s mixed in with some gnarly layout code. I do plan on doing some adjustments in there in the not too distant future though, I’ll try and make that behave better then :slight_smile:


What does it take to make the code ‘un-gnarly’…?

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