Game cancellation


I’m new here (and new to Go) and still in the learning process, though I love it!

Recently I had a lot of game cancellations from opponents. I realize that games cancelled are not taken into account in the score (or level) of a player, even though it seems to me that when you bail, you lose… (?). Is there a reason for that? Can a player cancel anytime he wants, even near the end of a game and then espace from losing the game?

Thanks in advance!

Cancelation is possible only at the beginning. After a few moves (6 from FAQ) the button changes to resign.

In six moves it seems hard to see the defeat coming, so it’s not really a problem to the rating.

A resigned game is counted same as a loss.

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when you will get more stable rank, people will cancel less often

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Game creators are allowed to cancel for any reason. This is because they do not have an opportunity to vet the opponent. In contrast, players who accept a challenge are expected to play, because they can, if they wish, vet the opponent beforehand. Acceptance of a challenge followed by cancellation is a reportable offense.

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