Game Chat and Kibitzing: GIFs

Would it not be great to make it possible to use Gifs in the game chat to improve the kibitzing experience?


For memes and catvids?

Lets do it \o/


My immediate concern is that it’s one thing policing someone saying something rude or disruptive in game chat, now imagine what they could post if they could post gifs and images…

I mean nothing stopping people using emojis for additional expression.

Maybe if the source of the images was pre pruned, or you could choose from preset choices etc it’d be much easier to manage

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Hasn’t this pandora’s box already been opened? I mean one can post gifs in forums already, and I assume moderation goes about the same as it does for text…

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Maybe a title that includes the word GIF? :yum:

I do like the idea though.

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There’s a lot of nice community moderation features on the forums for example.

Regulars and other users can flag content and with enough flags, depending on users level and score it will hide the content until the flag is resolved.

Do we have that kind of community moderation on game chats?

Similarly, compare the number of accounts and active users on the forums to the main site :slight_smile:


One work around is to upload the gif elsewhere and drop a link to it.

I’m not too worried about the moderation issue. Even currently, people could be dropping links to objectionable content.

However, I’m guessing that it’s a highly non-trivial effort to add this feature. Frankly, we don’t really have that much of kibitzing culture to start with. While this would be a nice feature to have, I doubt it would create a cultural shift within the community, but rather just be wildly underutilized.


I was thinking the option of using gifs from a preapproved collection. Sometimes an emoji is not enough but you also need a gif or a song by Tom Lehrer to express your state of mind…

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dies in gote

– kibitz chat –


I just want to option of posting a “Get off my lawn” gif whenever someone approaches my corners

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And then it’s natural to have conditional gifs in correspondence to go with the conditional moves

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Emoji yes. Giff hum, not so. Too much, often repetitive, surely not so attracting to me.


I want this one in the pre(dis)approved selection


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Sounds like that invites overloading the chat. Overloading like that will not only greatly slow down responsiveness later on (as has happened in several large whole-community group games and consultation games), but was also done by a troll about 5 years ago with an ingenious self-generating chat that froze the whole game tab, including the game. Bad idea.


Can I pre-emptively ask for a feature “Do not display GIFs in chat”?