Game Chat Being Weird

I was in a live tournament game(my second game) in the 9x9 double elim ast, and I tried to put “I heard you were good, now lets see that :D” in the chat. It registered that a watcher had said this, and I just thought it didn’t go through. I didn’t find out until after because I was looking through the chat slightly because a watcher had said a few things and so I was looking at what they said.
Here is a screenshot(just my chat at the beginning because people don’t like calling others out):
Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 8.19.35 PM
I thought the reason the chat wasn’t showing up was because of my connection or something, but I was confused when it let my other messages through. I thought that it just didn’t send or something. I find it weird how it went to this chat server(I think they are servers, but I am not a programmer or coder and don’t know this stuff) instead of the one I was on, or the malko chat because that was the other option that players of a game can use.
If a link to the game would be helpful, here is a link:


That is definitely a chat glitch - as you say, for a moment the chat server seems to have thought that your chat should not appear in the game. @anoek


That is weird.

did you win.

Do you have anything to add to the conversation?

No I did not, but I do not see how this is relevant to this conversation or thread in any way. Also if you want to know, you can always click on the game and see for yourself.


good try

If you want to change your pre-written game chat message, the window is is partly hidden behind the Save/Cancel buttons.