Game chat box a bit tight

While watching games I always feel the text box is a bit tight (narrow). Changing the CSS from 340px to 500px already is a big improvement. Maybe the width of the text box could be made configurable or the text box could resize together with the parent browser window.

Note that the css for the Game page (and all others) has to work in all browser configurations.

I can tell you from experience that this is very fiddly to get right.

Pull-requests are welcome, but I think you’ll find that it won’t get accepted unless you’ve taken care of phones, tablets, browser types etc.

I might be sharing what you already know, but you can get a good idea of whether your intended change will work by turning on developer tools, pressing the “responsive layout” button, and watching your new layout respond as you change the size of the display window. Even this may be a bit fraught unless you’re editing the css itself, because of media styles coming into play, I suspect…

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Thank you for your prompt response, it’s appreciated.
Don’t get me started about CSS by the way :slight_smile:
I fully understand your situation.
I raise the subject because I think it’s a pity while using a browser full screen the allotted space for the text seems too small and not auto-sized (like the board).
When I increase the text column from 340px to 500px lots of text doesn’t get wrapped anymore and reading it becomes more pleasant.
Just a thought…

Yeah, the topic of not-using the full width when it’s available has come up before.

The reason it’s still the way it is … is because the solution isn’t just “change one number”… at the very least, it’s “change a number and test all the configurations” :slight_smile:

…and realise it inexplicably breaks half of them, in unique ways :rofl:


Couple of thoughts…

There are browser extensions for this! OGS users have used stylish to mod their boards before that was supported natively: How to customize boards for each tournament/ladder/game

It actually is auto-sized to 25% of the screen (see flex-basis in the css). 340 px is just the min width.

Finally a visual warning about the suggested change:

iPhone SE2, chat set to 500px


:smiley: :smiley: It’s all coming back to me! I had these same challenges laying out OJE based on the Game page :crazy_face:


Thanks a lot for your feedback and observations.
Maybe we should consider this topic closed.

I can live with my current solution: I use the development tools to adjust the CSS in case I want a bigger text box. I set the resize percentage from 25% to 40% which is just about right for my environment.

thanks again,
Jan van der Steen