Game chat broken



yesterday it worked correct
but today space to enter the message became tiny.
users counter is no longer at the bottom right corner

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I believe it’s caused by this fix for the group chat.

cc: @GreenAsJade

Edit: @dexonsmith filed a report on GitHub: Game chat has no space for typing (seems almost unusable!) · Issue #2602 · online-go/ · GitHub

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The message space wasn’t big to begin with, but now it is so tiny that typing a message becomes problematic.
This is not an improvement.

Some more lines to type your text would be great. A space like when you request the moderator assistance (report user) would ofc be ideal.


Yeah no kidding it’s not an improvement: that’s because what you’re seeing was a bug :woman_facepalming:

It’s been backed out now, its currently “the way it was before” (which is "not working nicely under Chrome on Android)