Game Clock Application Survey


I’m currently at the idea stage for a new game clock application that I want to develop.

I’m doing some research on the subject and I would like your opinions on the matter.

Here is the link to a survey that I conceived:

It should take about 5-10 minutes.

Thanks for your attention!


I went through the survey. Didn’t want to give my email address, but please do keep us updated here. I may be willing to beta test on android.

I will do.

Thanks for your time!

Done! :slight_smile:

did the survey :+1:

one thing to keep in mind when evaluating the questionnaire is (imo) that “i expect it” can be a stronger answer than “i like it” in this context. if i expect afeature, to me that means i deem it to be basic for any clock application and i would be distrought if it was missing. if i like a feature, to me that means its a good idea, but i consider it an extra.

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