Game counting is wrong but confirmed - any way to go back?

I don’t know what happened but I have a game which was confirmed with the wrong score.
It’s probably human error (it most often is), but I really don’t remember accepting this… Any way to go back?


Sadly no, but you can ask @moderators to annul it and fix the ladder standings


Neither scores nor winners can be changed. A moderator can annul the game. There are only two ways that I can think of for this to happen. Either the system scored it wrong due to a bug and you overlooked it, or it was score cheated and the scoring clocked timed out. Because of the unscored points in the upper right, which looks like the known autoscore bug, I am inclined to think the system scored it wrong.


ho. can you help? I don’t know how to call a moderator without reporting a user…

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You can report for your opponent for that, but i pinged them already here with that @ moderators ^^

(tho most of them are active here on the forum too, so they will most likely see this thread regardless)



Looking into it and treating it as a regular report.


Currently, the best way to report this kind of thing is by reporting the user from inside the game in question. You can add in details if you wish.

The auto-score simply failed to operate. I have annulled the game and fixed ladder positions to reflect the outcome of the game.