Game creation window improvements

Hello OGS.
I have finally managed to make some paint jobs.
I have this feeling that the game creation window is not up to OGS standard.
That drop down menu for instance is not modern at all. There should just be buttons (large enough for mobile users also)
That “Computer” thing can/should be removed once computer players are able to post public challenges(open challenges),
The private challenge field would just be an input field that reads “Private” and when it is clicked it will turn to blank to accept any name with that cool name “auto complete” that OGS uses.
That close cross is so small even for desktop use. Make it larger :wink:

Handicap settings are divided for no reason. Just make handicap selection go from "None,Automatic,1,2,3,4,etc)
Same goes for Rank restrictions. Make one field that has only the rank difference setting. “Rank difference ±” from “0-unlimited”
This would be fair since while allowing stronger players to challenge you and not allowing weaker players to challenge is not good for community. This would lose ability to play only weaker players (some might prefer this as it takes not so much thinking. I think it’s still worthy trade. The user interface would be much simpler to understand and use.

Game Name should also have three different “modes” Like when I change the “Game Speed” setting it will change and remember my last used settings for timings(maybe even everything?). It does not remember the game name. I feel it should.


Some good ideas here, i can’t guarantee they’ll make it into 4.2 but i’ll put them on the list for sometime-after :slight_smile: