Game discussion: sloppy play

Or if you prefer, gokibitz:

I think my main mistake was playing D2 and allowing White C11. But I still thought I could win. I would also say that my R9 stone turned out to be in an awkward place.

I’m still salty.

Here’s a quick review from me, not very in depth but hope it helps and more people share their take as well:

I don’t think R9 was awkward but at the fourth line would’ve been more helpful. In any case having R9 could have been more helpful depending on how to handle the corner invasion. I think the main mistake was right after that around move 50 where you play a couple of small moves on the lower right, where you should have started to place some stones around white influence.

r9 is wrong directional play. the kick then pincer is typical attack in this case

in game you missed out on attacking white’s weak groups
you miss out on a lot of profits from attacking weak groups

proverb is urgent before big, so if you see any urgent moves (help/fix or attack weak groups aka life threathening situations) play them urgent moves first, then once you don’t see any, play them big moves

also you can get alot of free moves thru contact move to help you invade/reduce, touching a stone immediately helps both side, butthey were opponent’s territory/moyo to begin, so it doesn’t matter if you strengthen his own territory to begin with

reviewed up to move 86, the rest were small