Game Disruption by Russian Internet Disconnection Test?

According to an article just published here,, Russia is planning to test the effects of disconnecting the country’s Internet from the rest of the world. This is expected to happen sometime before April 1. The article does not say how long the test will last. Minutes? Hours? Obviously, such a disconnection, if it lasted any appreciable time, has the potential to disrupt games in progress by Russian players on OGS. So I am posting this just as an FYI for everyone. Perhaps our Russian friends could update this thread if they have more specific information, or as more information becomes available.


Some more information can be found here:


Newsflash: if your country offers internet access, it’s neither open nor free nor equal nor anonymous.

Everything else is rhetoric.


Iron Curtain 2.0, am I right.

If you read sources they only mention drills to analyze existing threats. And that could mean anything. So calm down and wait until they isolate us for real.

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It could be a good prompt for all countries to see how well they fare with external internet cut off.

Every prudent business checks these sort of failure scenarios routine. Why not countries?

It could transform it from an act of percieved Russian aggression to a teamwork day around the world :slight_smile:


Хакуна матата, товарищ.

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It would be tomorrow, December 23
But it seems they will not disconnect everyone.