Game Ending Calculation Bug (resolved, not bug)

Dear OGS designer,
I noticed win-lose calculation error when I played in 9x9 board.
It happened in this game, I used white and win this game. The system notes that ‘White wins by 7.5 points’, which should be a mistake, because white is wins by 0.5 points obviously. This might caused by I (white) clicked pass for several times and I think this could be a system mistake.

Are you sure that “white wins by 0.5 points obviously”? I count like this:

Black: 13 territory + 5 prisoners = 18 points
White: 20 territory + 2 prisoners + 3.5 komi = 25.5 points
Result: White wins by 7.5 points

How do you count it? Please keep in mind that the score estimator uses a different rule set than the players used here. The estimator counts total area (territory plus stones); the game used Japanese rules (counting territory plus prisoners). Playing stones inside one’s own area doesn’t incur a penalty in area scoring rule sets as it does in Japanese rules. So when Black played inside his own area while White passed, Black lost several points, and the estimator won’t reflect that.


It’s important to be aware that due to the different rule sets, the score estimator is just that: an estimator.

In the scoring phase of the game, the score estimator is used to provide the players with a starting point for counting.

The players are still required to agree about life and death and the final count.

Scoring Phase



Ahhh, I see. It’s me misunderstanded the rule. I treated it as Chinese rule for area counting. Thank you for you reply!