Game ending issue

Hi, at the end of a game, each player passes, then it says remove dead stones, then each player clicks the accept results button. What happens when one player simply leaves and does not click the accept results button? the system does not seem to do anything and just sits there, the clock does not time out either. I read the faq and it seems to say that the proper way to end the game is for both players to click the accept results button, but it doesn’t say what to do when one player just escapes. What is supposed to happen in this situation? thank you.

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It is supposed to conclude the game automatically when the timer runs out, but due to a bug this sometimes doesn’t happen. In those cases, feel free to use the “Call moderator” button in the right hand side menu to ask for the game to be concluded.

Also, we don’t allow people to escape from games, so you may also report escaping opponents, and we’ll ask them to properly resign games.