Game files open rather than save

I am using this site to teach a group of college students to play Go.

A few of my students are having trouble saving game files. When they click “Download SGF” their computer immediately tries to open the sgf file; it doesn’t present them with an option to save their game file.

Any advice as to what I can suggest to my students? Perhaps they need to change some setting in their web browser?

Which browser are they using? Also maybe not related which OS as well (Windows, Mac or Linux etc)?

I know one of the students uses a Mac. I asked which browser but haven’t heard back from the student. Likely Safari, I would guess.

Oh I don’t have a Mac so I can’t give detailed solution here. I can only give rough directions:

Firstly any file need to be downloaded before it can be opened on your machine. So it is already kept somewhere on his computer. Safari should have a downloads history menu somewhere too (It can be named either Downloads or Download History depending on browser). If you can find that menu and see the downloaded file, there will be a “Open containing folder” icon/button available in that file’s section of the menu (sometime you have to mouse over that part for the icon to appear).

Clicking that will bring you to where that file is saved. The rest is simple enough I suppose. You already have the default file name, just have to search within that folder.

Be warned though: depending on OS/browser, the file will be downloaded into a temporary folder. The temporary folder will be deleted/cleared when the computer need more space. So if you want to keep the file be sure to move it somewhere else.

Thank you!