Game finished or not?

In this game : Tournament Game: Correspondence 19x19 RoundRobin 2023-12-28 19:00 (111065) R:1 (chalklee vs döskee)
Seems the game is finished if we look at the 112 move’s message.
But, under this message, the game follow at move 5.
So strange …
Is it a concelled game wich start again ?


Interesting bug.

Maybe you are playing a time loop, it’s ultra toroidal Go! :stuck_out_tongue:

Right ! :slight_smile:

So, game disappeared and data can’t be restored?

Probably the AI that has taken over OGS has decided the players had a lot of fun, so let them play it again.

That’s what I think.

I can also remember I resigned his game.
Maybe my opponent didn’t agree and sent a request.

game is in history and when you click it, you go to ongoing game, interesting

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Thanks, I didn’t notice that !

there is timer when you hover on graph like in ongoing game

it already changed the ranks

What will happen if winner will be different?

I think @anoek needs to see this.

Whelp that’s interesting. I suspect I know generally what happened. We had a Cassandra node go offline for several hours, and while there’s redundancy so everything kept running, and I suspect the original game was saved just fine in the remaining nodes, I suspect that when the downed node came back online there was a period of time where it still had the old data and during that window the game was visited and happened to be loaded from the recovering node. Upon being visited the game server would have pulled up the game, seen that it wasn’t concluded (because it happened to be an old snapshot) and happily treat it as a game in progress once again.

The way the game servers work is they will keep the game in memory and save it out to the Cassandra cluster when changes happen, so at this point I’m afraid to say the original game has been overwritten. I’m going to terminate this game to get the game servers back in agreement with the official record.

I strongly suspect this was a fairly rare incident so I don’t think things are in trouble at large, though it wouldn’t surprise me if there were another game or two out there that this happened to as well (though not likely to the same degree). It’s certainly something I’ll be looking into how to better deal with and fix.

Sorry that this happened to your game @döskee :frowning:


No worries, thanks for answer and intervention ! :slight_smile:

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