Game History and/or Stats/Rank reset?

Hey, I’ve just come back to my account after about a year and a half and I really don’t feel like my current ability really reflects the rank I attained all that time ago (it’s like 15 or 16k, not crazy high but definitely better than I’m playing after such a long break). Is there any way to either completely reset my profile or at least my rank?


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You could just create another one …

Can I delete this one so I can reuse my username? I’ve just used it for so long across so many sites I’m a little attached to the stupid thing

yeah change your username to something else and make a new account with your current username

Oh sweet, I didn’t even think to do that. Thanks so much!

probably worth pointing out though… you think you’re weaker than 15/16k but new accounts start at 13k so you’d have to play your way down to your “true rank” anyway.


Yeah (sigh). But they do have high uncertainty, so the rank moves down quickly when you lose the first couple.


I wouldnt bother. The new ranking system adjusts very quickly should your rank really be far off.


Just play along, and your rank will soon settle at whatever level it should be. I won’t bother, really.


Thanks for all the responses guys. I went for the whole ‘clean slate’ thing and created a new account so I can go lose my first 100 games all over again.


I’m not sure that’s how the proverb goes :stuck_out_tongue: haha

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