Game information bug

I think similar glitches have been reported I will explain my part.

I decided to upload one of my matches from Foxy Go Server to the SGF library. You can see it displays the ranks as “?” (I assume this is a visual bug). — I think this is actually caused by the library detecting account ranks. So if you upload a pro game from Ke Jie for example it will display the OGS player Ke Jie 1d rank. As to where if you upload an SGF of a player that does not exist on OGS it will display as “?” Screenshot by Lightshot

Afterwards I opened the game up to review it and when I attempted to change the game information in the review screen it told me this.

(The review screen also displays incorrectly same as when I loaded the game up in the non review mode). This also causes all of the tree in your review to disappear as if you had started a new review.

Lastly, in my profile the review gets displayed as null user

Hopefully any of this information will help fix anything.

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Was this fixed in the update?

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I am not sure tbh I showed anoek the SGF library bug as well I saw it update and fix for like 10 seconds then the page reloaded again and unfixed so.

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