Game Moderators

Questions about game moderators:

  1. Who serve as moderators?
  2. When are they available?
  3. What is the intended nominal response time for a moderator call. For “correspondence” games immediate response is usually not crucial but for realtime play it’s more important.

The red triangle icon with “!” makes it look urgent. I’ve tried it before a couple times, never got reply and cancelled. I tried again to investigate the feature and after about 35 minutes someone appeared.


An indicator that shows whether or not a user with Moderator status is on duty. Fancier would be a list of active moderators in a pop up queue so a user could send a message directly to the next one up.

(The value of this is that it is even more irritating to know that someone is there but not paying attention. Being able to pester your favorite moderator would be fun too.)

You can find a list of mods from the OGS sidebar (click “About” then “Team.”)

Mods don’t have set times to be online. But you can get a general idea from our country of origin, and you can always check the chat rooms (or bring up individual message boxes) to see who’s online.

As for the response time, that varies, as you might expect. It helps to message a mod directly. It also helps to have a legitimate issue and to write a useful description of the problem so the mod who answers your report doesn’t spend 10 minutes of the 35 trying to find out what the issue is. :wink:


Our job here is sometimes consistent, and sometimes intermitent. We do this for our love and passion to the game, to the site and to the Go community. We may many times be online by definition, but AFK for any reason. So, trust me, if we don’t answer, it’s not because we don’t wanna. :wink: :heart:

Just a heads up on my particular case: I’m mostly (not always, but almost always) online 24/7, but that’s for convenience. I work a lot on my computer, and at those moments I’m constantly checking the site and willing to take action or just chat. Sometimes I even have breakfast on my computer. Just so you know that although I tend to be responsive in general, seeing me online is not so a valuable information. :smile:

  1. Indeed there they are. If I needed help with a game it would not have occurred to me to select the left menu, select About and select Team. Then I would not know which of the 10 individuals might be online. I’d have to try at random or something. userids might be online. This is not a practical way to find a person to contact for a present need. I am not going to check country flags or time zones too.

  2. I didn’t really expect that the moderators work shifts. I wouldn’t be surprised if you hope to have at last one person available most of the time if that’s practical.

  3. “It helps to message a mod directly.” That makes sense, and since it does…

(1, 2 & 3) are why it would be useful to be able to see if any moderators are online and who they are, as I suggested.

I merely reported the results of my test. There are no criticisms or demands being placed on anyone.

As for this: “It also helps to have a legitimate issue and to write a useful description of the problem so the mod who answers your report doesn’t spend 10 minutes of the 35 trying to find out what the issue is.”

If I recall, my message to moderator was “WOLF!” and then one? sentence along the lines of having tried using the moderator call before and that I was testing it. (I can recover the messages after you replied but not what I sent - Is that a bug? The call to moderator initiated the messages, it should be there.) It was succinct. What’s to figure out? If it took you 10 minutes to figure that out, don’t point he finger at me. Don’t spend so much time figuring, just reply and ask. :laughing:

Your selfless sacrifices and labors of love are surely appreciated…and (like great leader Kim Jong Il,
Father of the Nation) will be Alive Forever in the Hearts of Fellow Countrymen.

When you have breakfast on the computer, keep it off the place where moderator calls appear.

Yeah, that’s what we always try to acomplish. It gets tricky sometimes. :sweat_smile:

Sometimes the reporter is no longer online when we get on the report. In those cases we try to take action on our own to solve it as quickly as possible.

Well I was there. I was waiting and checking so I had the time when I submitted my forum post :slight_smile: As I said, the message was quite specific about its purpose so your comment dos not apply in this case. Maybe you can recover it so we can confirm that fact? I’d have quoted it but, as I said, the message history with the moderator omits it.

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