Game never moves to my move, somehow I am the one timed out

This game Friendly game

Still appearing as my opponent move, and never times out on him. He has had a dozen byo yomi. Moderator button failed to call. UI bug?

I can take screenshot of my screen as evidence :slight_smile:

That’s a known bug. Let’s wait an admin answer (and regroup the topics)
Moderator call usually works, it’s just it can take some time to be answered as they are very friendly but busy and not paid.

Moderator submit got error popup. I think what happened was an internet connection issue, but nothing on UI indicated that was happening, it just seemed like we were both ‘green’.

I have alerted the developer about this thread.


Screenshots are not just evidence but more important a tool :slightly_smiling_face:
Then if the result of the game is unfair, an admin can only annul the game (which keep your rating unchanged).

I hope this is not due to @GreenAsJade fixing the call moderator closing on click outside thing!


@teapoweredrobot pretty sure it wasn’t although it was generic error - nothing indicated a socket was closed.

@Groin happy if it gets annulled. Feels unfair to lose that way! If I had known I would have had time to switch devices!

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Ha, I was just kidding. No attempt at being helpful I’m afraid!