Game Of Stones


Dear lords and ladies!

I have the honor to invite you to join the Game Of Stones. This is a group of new format, where I did a lot of “work on the bugs” and used all my great (and, sometimes, bitter) experience in organizing and conducting tournaments at OGS. I created a simple and concise tournament system, but only you can show me how effective and interesting it is.

A simple honorary title system awaits the ambitious. A clear system of training tournaments, divided into seven classes in complexity, awaits those who are eager to gain experience and strength.

Horns trumpet, battle drums beat. Standards of noble warriors fluttering over the field. It’s time to bare your stones in the name of valor and glory!

Game Of Stones is waiting for you! Welcome!



Horns trumpet in the gray sky of early spring. Leafless forests awaken from the thunder of battle drums. The hooves of hundreds of war horses knead the slush of spring roads. The brave knights of Go rush to the tournament in order to compete for the honorary titles of the Lords of the White Stone. Your time has come to bare your stones in the name of valor and glory!



Lord Greenstorm Tully arrives for battle for Riverran!

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It is an honor for me to accept such a high lord. Welcome, your grace.

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Allow me, the Lord of Spoons, to grace this land and as such take some title and lands in this, the land of stones.

I bid the a most fair and Honorable tourney.


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Welcome to the first tournament of the new Game Of Stones series! :wink:

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Do not miss the beginning of the great battle for the main title of the group - the Great King of Stones title.

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