Game reappeared after it was finished

A game of mine (Tournament Game: Honinbo Main Title Tournament 2021 (70977) R:1 (sha7 vs Lomis)) finished yesterday by resignation. Today it reappeared in the queue of games where it’s my move. My last move and the resignation vanished. It isn’t shown on my homescreen though and is also still listed in my game history.

Hello Lomis,
thank you for letting us know and appologies about the issue. I have ended the game (again), hopefully it will stay finished now. I have also notified our developer to have a look.

For anyone having a similar issue, please report the game via the right hand side game menu, we will end the game for you. From what I can tell at this point, the original record seems to stay inctact, so hopefully the issue should be only “cosmetic” with no impact on your rating or tournament score. Nevertheless, please let us know about those and sorry again.

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