Game review 16k vs 16k

The clamp L3 (move 25) helped White create this split shape, which is bad for Black:

Move 41 was useless. None of your stones was in danger.

Move 45 was too small. Both black and white groups were already safe, and the board is big. You could play elsewhere, like at R14.

At moves 79, 81, 83, 85,… you missed this sequence, which probably kills White. Even if you don’t manage to kill, White is surrounded and will need to struggle in order to survive.

At move 95 you had a good forcing move at A. This connects your two black groups, and at the same time threatens a snapback at B so White needs to play there.

Your move 101 (triangled stone) helped White split your shape. J10 would have been a better shape I think.


And also move 105 was an empty triangle. H9 would have been more efficient.


Thank you @jlt