Game Review 9k vs 13k

Can i have a review of this game ? 9k vs 13k

Especially how could the bottom white zone have been secured after move 18… (if only possible !).
Thanks !

Review here

You lost the game very early.

I add an explanation for the dead shape you tried to live later ( there is no way to live) the shape is called bulky 5

Thank you very much, i understand how i managed to lose so early now… and move 15 was really bad.

Each time you force you need anticipate the other consequences induced by making the opponent stronger.

Here’s another review:

I went into more detail about the beginning of the game. I think your stones were too thin out of the opening, which made living on both sides of the white group difficult. Think about the options you have for connecting up when you play your opening.

Later, you could have won if you went back and lived on the bottom. Try to be aware of your weak groups. In 9x9, especially, you’ll almost always lose if a big group dies. (Basically, unless you’re sacrificing it to get the rest of the board. I’ve won games where I’ve lost 9 stones or so, but those 9 stones were all that my opponent got for score. Very satisfying.)

The game was over at move 17, more or less.


Really interessants addings, those learn me some other tips, thank you too.