Game Review Request - 13x13, 22k vs 21k

I’m well aware that I won by dumb luck and a major mistake by my opponent. However, I know that, were it not for the exploit of that mistake, I would have lost in a big way. I would like some tips on how to improve, as well as some better options for white throughout the game.

Here’s the game link:

Thanks in advance!

I’ve got some time to kill so I will post my thoughts shortly.

I got confused and started commenting for white instead of black, and I don’t have time to fix it now, sorry! In case it is useful, here is what I came up with so far. I did not comment on the opening since I rarely play 13x13 and am unsure about good 13x13 openings.

Thanks for taking a look. I appreciate it.

Here’s a quick review:

Indeed white should have captured the top right stones and won.

My general impression is that your play is too safe (see Ectopod’s comments). Taking more risks will probably make you lose more games at first, but this is how you’ll move to the next level.

Also you should put more emphasis on the corners as this is where it is easier to secure points. For example, when you play E4 you need to anticipate and know how to contain a white move at C4. See joseki dictionaries or games from stronger players to help you improve.

Hope this helps.