Game Review Request(3d v.s. 7d game)

Just as the Topic says.

I lost the game against 7d player today and I ask for a game review to figure out where I can play better.

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I shared some thoughts regarding early stage play. Of course,this game is at my level or a little bit above it, so I mainly tried to reason with the analysis of the bot, but maybe you will find a second post-hoc perspective useful. Also, I only seldomly review on OGS, so I hope I used the review tools correctly and you can see my comments.


Think more about where the valuable directions to develop are: if opponent has a strong 3rd line stone it’s not an interesting area. E.g d16 press build wall when black already reduced the potential on top side with strong group there, j3 similar with o3. Similarly r 5 is not only locally a bad move vs the big shimari, your r14 makes the right side not so interesting.