Game review request

I would like to ask for a game review. My opponent gives me one handicap stone at the beginning. Thanks.

Hi, I left a review here:

I didn’t see any glaring mistakes, but I think there were some inefficient or unnecessary moves on both sides that really could have made a difference in a 1.5pt game. Also, Black can put more pressure on White overall. While I didn’t see opportunities to kill, black can still try to threaten white’s space more to gain profit. Attack and Defense could be a good read at some point.

Edit: going back and reviewing with AI assistance, L&D for the small white group on the left is much bigger than anything else. But I didn’t see most of these lines either - I guess the lesson is to try killing things even if you can’t read it all the way through (as long as it doesn’t hurt you in some other way)


Thanks for your help!

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