Game review / teaching game offer from an EGF/Chinese 5 dan

Hello, I’m a European 5 dan player (I got my Chinese amateur 5 dan certificate when I was a child), and studying at TU Chemnitz, Germany right now.

If you want to get some advice from an amateur 5d player, I can offer both game reviews and teaching games.

For more detailed price information, please visit my website:

If you agree to make the review of your game open on my website, so that more people could benefit from it, you will get some discount.

During my stay in Germany up to now, I occasionally participated in some local tournaments:

Jenaer Kreuzschnitt 2017, Jena: The second place

Bergmannsturnier 2017 – Gruppe A, Leipzig: The first place

Dresdner Go-Turnier 2017, Dresden: The first place

Jenaer Kreuzschnitt 2016, Jena: The first place

Thanks for your attention.

Zhihao Zhou

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