Game reviews and 1-on-1 teaching games

I am an EGF 2-dan (PIN:17513562) based in the UK who has been playing Go for almost 10 years, my best tournament result was in 2019 when I achieved 2nd place in the British Championship qualification tournament. Though my career (and more recently COVID) have interrupted my own development as a Go player, I am hopeful of progression through several more Dan ranks over the next few years.

I have significant experience both in university level teaching (specifically in Archaeology, Geology and Geophysics), as well as in professional training and development of technical skills. I now wish to extend this passion for teaching to Go and help people to improve in a friendly and helpful environment.

I offer a range of services from single game commentaries to 1-on-1 teaching sessions, preferably through the Fiverr platform.

Game commentaries:

Teaching sessions:

Prices start at $5 on Fiverr, but if you are interested then I would also be happy to tailor a more personalised set of commentaries, lessons and training plans which would include unique pricing.

I will also provide either an initial, full game commentary, or a single 30 minute teaching session (either a teaching game or live game review), for free. Please send me a private message on OGS if you would like to take advantage of this service.

I look forward to helping you learn the game and develop yourself as a Go player!