Game reviews - is it possible to add something in commentary box of the moves?

There are a lot of very helpful players out there who leave a review after I played with them.

When I read through their comments in the comments box I quite often would like to answer or add something concerning the comment of a certain move.
Either I cannot find that option or it is missing.
The only workaround I found is to use the chat box and then commenting like “move: xx blablablah”. It is kind of awkward because my answers are detached from the original comment in the comment box and it leads at least at my laptop (1400x900 pixels) to a lot of scrolling in the chat box.

Hope I made myself clear. If not I added a scrennshot.

While I’m on it: There is a lot of black unused void left and right of the Goban. But the textboxes can only widened to the right leaving no possibility to use the void.


Hello, the answer is yes and no :slight_smile:

Only one person can fill the comment boxes at once. That will probably not be changed as it could lead to horrible mess when two people would be typing at once, text would overlap one another and it would be confusing to anyone watching - not knowing whether it is the “teacher” typing or someone else. For questions and such chat is better in my opinion. You can also share variations there.

That said, the author of the review can give anyone the power to fill the comments instead of him/her by clicking on player’s name and selecting give control. If needed just ask the reviewer for control :slight_smile:


When you share a variation, it is quite literally attached to the move it started from.


Wasn’t accounting for that possibility.

Good advice!

All that you’d need to change would be to add a “submit” button on the comments and treat them the same way the main chat log gets treated.

I abuse the title of the variation sometimes to comment.

I do not now the general etiquette here, but this is a very related question, so I was hesitant to start a new one since this was still fresh, and this is prob. a simple question. (I can make it into a new one if necessary):

This is perhaps the way it already works, Im just very new to this site and haven’t figured it out.

Question: Is there a way to continuously (during a game) build up a review of the game by adding comments at moves (for my self) that the other player will not be able to see until after the game has ended? Perhaps I would like to add things such as: “My plan for this move was to…”, or “On this move I have the following question…”. And then give this review to another reviewer after the game, so that that person can give his own comments, aswell as a respond to my comments and questions.

Yea, you can click on [chat] bottom right, it will say “Malkovich”. Then go to analyze, play your variation, enter your descriptive title and click on [share]. If it’s just text, just type it in the ‘Malkoviched’ chat.

Observers can see it, your [logged-in] opponent can’t.

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Your logged-out opponent CAN. :slight_smile:
We just need to be aware of that.
I just ended a game against a player who used malkovich log in one of our previous games.
In this game I used malkovich too.
We are now marking dead stones: I’m curious to know his annotations. :slight_smile:
But if I was a cheater I could have read them earlier. :wink:

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@smurph Aha, interesting feature, did not know about that at all, thanks. But, as you said, and which lysnew commented about, your logged out opponent can. It would be nice if one could just start an ordinary review during the game, and choose to keep it hidden. But, this is my best choice right now I guess?

Question(s) though:

Q1: By ‘share’, do you mean ‘record’, since that is the only button I can find under analyze while in Malkovich?

Q2: Can my logged in opponent see THAT I wrote a Malkoviched comment?

Also, what I was after was to be able to write descriptive text, questions etc, which would be automatically coupled to a specific move number in the game. This way I can only write a title for a variation. Well, the move numbers are in the chat I guess, but:

Q3: Can my Malkoviched chat messages easily be merged with a future review somehow, or would I have to create a review after the game, and copy paste all my comments into the appropriate place in the review?

Q4: What happens if I just start a review in the middle of the game? Is this even possible? (I haven’t tried since I don’t want to accidentily end the game =). ).

Sorry if too many questions at once, I’m done now! =)

Yes, no, no (, yes), experiment!

Most secure: you use external sgfeditor or notepad.
I dunno if you tried but it takes some time and disturbance in your live (blitz!?) game…