Game revived from the dead

Hey, so I resigned one of my games and it ended like normally. But then it came back into active phase, with a few moves missing.

Game is this one, it’s in progress you can see:

In chat:

We thanked each other on move 35, when I resigned. But now the game is on move 33, analysis is off, so some moves got missing.

If you look at my game history, the game is there, marked as ended, with the result and everything:

Naturally it’s in my glicko history also:

I suspect it’s the result of fixing borken move counter.

There shouldn’t be any problem me resigning it once more, right. But this is what happens and I feel honored to meet such an unusual buggy bug.


There was another case like this yesterday (Jan 5), reported in the afternoon. anoek is looking into the mystery.


Another game was reported. Plague of zombie games.

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Zombie apocalypse! Play Go at! | OGS

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^^^ I see that his one is fixed now.

Yeah, these look safe to reresign, they don’t appear in rating history twice or anything.

I waited to timeout so the outcome is different. I have two outcomes for the game game now.



Would be cool to have different actual result.