Game stalling at Submit after vacation time.

I faced an unusual problem. I was forced to “Go on Vacation” because my internet connection was severed for about three weeks. I discovered unfortunately, that the ladder games did not accept the vacation time, and all my ladder games timed out.

After, returning from the vacation and facing a fresh opponent, the server will not recognize that a move was “submitted”. That is to say the server stalls after hitting the submit button, and the moves are not submitted. I tried reporting this to a moderator, but I was not aware of any response. As a result, all the other games were also timed out.

The state of the server not recognizing move submissions is the current status quo. This is the case regardless of the status of the submission option in the settings. That is “One click move” submissions are also not recognized.

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I’m surprised as I thought that you can still play moves when on vacation. Just the time is frozen.

If you can or cannot enter moves during vacation time isn’t the point. It seems that my “vacation time” wasn’t recognized by the server and the time wasn’t frozen. That is one bug.

My hypothesis was that the condition of my move submissions not being recognized by the server was related to the server not recognizing the vacation time, and once I turned off the vacation time, I found that I couldn’t enter moves. But if vacation time only freezes the time, then that wasn’t working on the ladder, and the bug of my not being able to submit moves is in another part of the program. Am I the only one facing this problem?

Replying to my own thread. It seems the chat isn’t parsing either. This seems to indicate that the problem is in the file. But I suppose there could also be a problem in the file.

You appear to be the only one facing this problem.

This would usually imply that the problem is on your end.

In order for us to help you, you’ll need to let us know what browser you are using, what device you’re on, ideally some screenshots - even better screenshots with your browser console open, if you can do that.

If you’ve had internet problems, it may be that upon restoration you have some firewall or other local configuration that allows the game page to be loaded but prevents the socket that carries the move traffic from working.

I am using a chrome browser. Everything is up to date. I could test this on a public wifi system.
I’m not sure what you can make of the screenshot. The first image is typical on my side, the stone is showing as placed on the board, and the screen is registering as “Submitting”. But there doesn’t seem to be a timestamp, and the submission is never parsed. This is true of chats where “hello” never gets sent to the chat. Stored games show up and the analyze game function seems to work. I’m not sure what you can make of the console snapshots which are taken after the game is timed out, but they are there for reference.

I hope this helps.


That red stuff in the console is not good - definitely not normal.

I can’t see what protocol your URL is using, but you have to access using https, not http … can you click into the URL to make it display the whole thing, and check if that’s the problem?

That’s a bit of a long shot, because for me my browser redirects to https if I try to use http, but worth checking.

I see that you have various extensions installed into Chrome. Are any of them trying to protect you in some way - could they be blocking stuff?

In case it’s not obvious, you need to get rid of the “This request has been blocked” somehow :slight_smile:

Actually, there’ something even wierder going on - the url its complaining about “” is not one that we would request (AFAIK).

And, it’s kinda suspicious that one of your extensions looks like a crayon in the top right?

It’s starting to smell like that thing is messing you up… if it was a well-behaved extension, the very least it would do is be on https…

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Actually, it isn’t a problem with the browsers compatibility with the protocol because OGS uses Goban Sockets which is an implementation of https, but that was a good tip-off. You could be correct that an extension is opening a gateway that is triggering the server to not parse the move submissions, but it wouldn’t be the Tiny Sketch extension. It turns out, I am not the only one that has had this problem. Witness the discussion in the link:
Link to ONLINE GO Forum: error-submitting-move This is an old bug, and the workaround is simply to refresh the browser. As an educated guess, this could indicate that the cause is a bad Event Listener.


There’s no evidence that the post you linked to has he same cause as your problem. The only similarity is the general message “error submitting move”, which is what OGS will say if anything goes wrong while submitting a move - the internet could be down, or you could have a rogue extension: either would cause that message.

If you can stop your browser from trying to fetch an insecure page while using OGS, your problem will most likely go away.

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