Game start

today i did offer three games on the normal board
Now those three have startet but know there is a fourth game on the 9x9, i did not post are accepted.
Is this a bug

It sounds like it would be a bug - that’s not impossible, though so far it appears unlikely.

The game information seems consistent with you creating it during the time you were doing the other ones.

More likely is that you inadvertently created this challenge along the way.

You can cancel that game without penalty if you do so before each player plays a move.

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The 9x9 game in your list mrkiselev vs. Kaiserderpreusen was created by using the quickmatch option. As Eugene said, you can ‘cancel’ without penalty while the ‘cancel’ option is displayed.

i dont like canceling so i play

Ok so i was not fast enough to reset the quick match

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