"Game Started" audio plays when I'm idling in lobby

Hi. I’m new here. I’m a big fan of weiqi (I grew up in China and my parents made me take weiqi lessons since like the age of 6) and thankful for OGS for maintaining a free online service for weiqi!

I’m just here to report a sound bug which I’ve noticed for quite awhile now. I believe it’s been around for awhile, as I have been using OGS for several years on and off. Sorry if this is a duplicate report.

When I have OGS open in a tab (I’m using Google Chrome), it will randomly play the “Game Started” audio cue, even if I’m just idling in the lobby. I tried to monitor what causes the audio cue but can’t pinpoint why. All I can observe is that when I’m idling in the lobby, the “Game Started” audio cue randomly plays.

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