"Game started" everytime I go online


I have a problem. If i have OGS open in a tab I get the voice notification “Game started” anytime I go online. It is annoying when I’m at home, because my connection lags for short times so my computer shouts GAME STARTED randomly. It’s annoying but ok. But the other day I was at a work meeting, opened my laptop (I work as a developer) and it shouted GAME STARTED. I didn’t have any problem because of it, rather we had a great conversation about go :slight_smile: . But it can be problematic for other people.


I’m using Firefox under Ubuntu. The only script I ban is googletagmanager.

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I forgot to mention it happens if the tab is not a focal one. And even when I don’t have any game (including correspondence) going.

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Probably related to this bug

I don’t know how close it is to being addressed


If it’s helpful at all, let me respectfully bump this. If I don’t mute the entire tab, it repeats “Game started” every few minutes.