Computer continually says "Game started" for no reason

Title says the bug. I’m using Firefox 78.2.0esr on a 2015 MacBook Pro OS X El Capitan 10.11.6.

Every 30 seconds or so, computer says “Game Started” for no reason. This happens while I’m playing games and while I’m not. If I’m doing analysis in a correspondence when the bug happens, it deletes whatever thread I’m working on.


Is anyone else having this problem? It continues for me constantly.

Did you try usual stuff like clearing browser cache, restart computer…?
If so, looks like an annoying bug, hope you get some answer quickly.

This happens to me too. My experience says the message is said when an opponent in an ongoing corresponding game starts to look the game.


I have tried all of that. No dice. Ongoing.

I’ve also simply turned off the voice for “Game started”, which sometimes works in the short run, but is annoying if you have a challenge open while you’re looking at another site, for example, but the repetitive voice always comes back no matter what I set it to.


That’s kind of new annoying bug, may I refer to @anoek our developer.

I have a similar problem. I also use Firefox. I think it is related to reestablishing a connection. That would explain the deletion of the thread as a wrong resolve for asyncronicity.
Accept my sympathies. My computer only shouts GAME STARTED 4-5 times a day, but it’s annoying as hell, I cannot even imagine it every 30secs.

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I keep hearing 收到挑战 (received a challenge). May be linked to when opponent moves in a game.

Chrome 86 on a 2016 MacBook Pro running macOS 10.15.7.

New to the site, but having the same issue. “Game started” randomly spoken. I turned off the game started audio effect in settings, but it didn’t matter, still getting this annoying voice. I have to turn off my speakers completely to use the site… Using Chrome 89.0 on Ubuntu 20.

This happens to me as well. Both on Chrome/Ubuntu and Chrome/Android.

Game started!

@anoek Apparently this is still a thing (other shorter new threads point to this one)

who still uses firefox, lol

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/me is Firefox fan
/me is triggered


Browser market share

Not like it was but still here.

If Chrome keeps “pausing sync” on me, firefox might get another user :confounded:


Continuing the discussion from "Game started" everytime I go online:

This is the main and only problem i have with this site. it drives my brother nuts


Or is it some kind of secret agreement with educational institutions to not let go divert their students in classrooms? :woozy_face: :joy:

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although not the exact same issue, whenever my computer is going “challenge received” the way i found to get rid of that is to reject current challenges from others. i wish i didn’t have to sometimes.
hope this bug gets fixed or you find a way around it.