Game started despite unmatching strength

I just created a challenge for a correspondence game with minimaal ranking of 5 kyu and max 2 kyu. A game was subsequently started with an opponent having 2d strength. How is this possible?
The opponent had a ranking in the dan range for a long time, so it cannot be a temporary lower ranking.

Might be either a bug or user error (setting did not reflect what was intended).

You can cancel the game (before you’ve made a move) and try creating a new challenge.

Further investigation would require additional information. Sharing a link to the game and a screenshot of the exact settings that you used would be helpful.

I see that you usually create custom games
while the last game (vs 2d) is auto-match game
auto-match has settings in different place
maybe you accidentally clicked big “Correspondence” button in quick mach finder?


I actually deleted the game in the list of chalenges just before it was accepted (because I wanted to change the name of the game from Dutch to English). Did not change any of the settings.
A link to the game (that I canceled immediately): mmhmjanssen vs. Tetsu_n

Game settings:

that’s settings of custom game, while name of your game suggests that it is auto-match game
you are confused auto-mach and custom

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I am getting a bit confused by your answer. As you noticed I always create custom games and am pretty sure I also clicked on the Custom Game button (or however it is called in English). Do not understand why there is auto matching if I click on the “Correspondence” button. I also do not understand why the game info says that it was created by my opponent, because it says in Dutch “made by”.

I understand. I do not want to try this out, but what do you get when you press Correspondence in the auto matching? Do you get to change the settings? If not, then I did not press this button because I am sure that I saw the game settings before I hit the button.

Also, do you have to press another button to effectively create the challenge, after you pressed Correspondence?

When you click “Correspondence”, the system automatically starts looking for a match, and you don’t have to confirm anything, you should see something like this:

If you then click on “Got it” and don’t cancel the automatch request, you can then open the settings to start a new custom game, but the automatch will start eventually.

So I think the two most likely scenarios are:

  • you clicked on “Correpondence”, then “Got it”, then “Custom”, and when the automatch game started you thought it was the custom game you were about to create;
  • or there’s some sort of bug.

I am 100% sure that I did not get the panel “Finding you a game” because I would know that something is wrong. I created over 100 games using the same old method (custom game challenge).
So my guess would be that this is a bug.

Just to expand on this, if you (@mmhmjanssen ) look at your profile, and look at game history, the game names are usually

Vriendschappelijke Wedstrijd

which is something you can choose to set when creating a custom game, but if you don’t change it, it’s usually defaulting to something like “Friendly match” in different languages, the user’s language say.

However the game against the 2d is titled

mmhmjanssen vs. (the 2d’s username)

edited of course, which is not something you could’ve set or guessed ahead of time, unless you knew who you were going to be playing and who would accept it.

But the automatch feature does choose these things

user vs user

as the title for games I believe.


This explains that the game was created automatically. It does not prove that I pressed the wrong button in my opinion. I still think that the system somehow mixed up two game challenges, so therefore a bug.

Sure sure, I don’t think anyone can prove that you pressed any button, without some logs or lots of effort. Even then someone else could’ve pressed that button as a joke or many millions of reasons or ways.

One can only speculate what is likely or unlikely to have happened.

It could well be a bug, or it could well be a mixup of settings, and you wouldn’t be the first to find OGS confusing or unintuitive, in particular the play page and all its settings.

See for example

and various discussions about improving the play page, in particular for new users and beginners alike.

Anyway regardless of what’s a bug or not you might find this helpful, it has some images and gifs

in particular this cog wheel brings up a menu to control automatch settings

while the custom game create button should bring up the window you tend to use (albeit in Dutch?)

and the create challenge or “uitdaging maken” creates the challenge with the settings and name you specified.

The correspondence button (Correspondentie) will use its own separate settings as mentioned above, probably by default looking for games with users of ±3 ranks and 2d would probably fall in that window.

That’s all I’ll say.


Thank you very much. My next question was going to be how you change the default settings. And you already answered this one.
Would be nice if you could set the same set of parameters as default as when you create a custom game though. The current set doesn’t do much.