Game thumbnail list threshold

Would it be interesting to make the game thumbnail list threshold depend on the number of active games? It seems fun.

Hello @Elom_aka_WindnWater, and welcome to our little forums :slight_smile:

Unfortunatelly, I am no too sure I understand what you mean.

The thumbnail limit (that you can modify in your settings) exists mainly to offer smoother loading for those with slower connection or saving mobile data. Or if someone just prefers lists. How do you imagine it would be affected by number of active games, and what purpose would it serve? :slight_smile:

Or maybe you just did not know about the settting? Or am I just being dense as usual? :smiley:


By active games, I should have said games with moves to play. . .:sweat_smile:

It might be nice if an additional option exists were boards with moves to play are shown as thumbnails while the rest of the games are shown as a list.

Although now you mention it, it may still have practical use for someone on data who might move more regularly throughout the day :smile:.

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