Game timed out when it should have been paused for a weekend

This game: was set to pause on weekends, but timed out roughly four hours after the start of the weekend last night. I was expecting it to have automatically paused at 8pm Eastern time, which is when pausing on weekends normally begins, but it timed out around midnight eastern time.

Well there is a way to check the settings you put in for your match, you can check them and see if you enabled pause.

@Go_Pro, I assume you mean this here but sadly this does NOT show the remaining time.


What is that way? When I go to “Game Information” on that game and on other games that I know are set to pause on weekends, there is no information about whether the game is set to pause on weekends.

That said, I know this game was set to pause on weekends. It has been going on since April and has paused on all of the previous weekends. I also spoke with the other player and he confirmed that he agrees that the game had been pausing on weekends previously, prior to this particular weekend.