Game trees when editing positions

I tried uploading an SGF to my library which has board positions edited in using the black and white tool. The game tree was nicely organized in the sgf file and followed a logical flow. After uploading the SGF to OGS though, the game tree becomes a jumbled mess. OGS registers each stone that is edited as an individual move in the game tree. This makes it so that an edited board position turns into a long sequence. Now a simple switch between board situations in other SGF editers turns into finding the end of 50 move long sequences that may or may not have branches it in. This makes the tree impossible to navigate if anything more than small edits are made. My suggestion is to make it so that edits made with the black or white tool are treated as one move in the move tree.

EDIT: After some research it seems that this is already build into the SGF format. “;W” or “;B” before a coordinate indicate a move was made. Where as “(” followed by “;AW” or “;AB” before a list of moves means those moves were edited in all on the same move. It looks like the OGS game tree just wasn’t made to handle them differently.


I’m gonna bump this, so it gets looked at again. I’d like to hear thoughts from the developers about adjusting the game tree for version 5. If they haven’t done so already.

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