Game vanishing?

Sorry I might sound crazy but is it possible for a game to vanish ?
I was playing ~twenty 9x9 correspondance games simultaneously and one of them had a particularly interesting configuration, I was looking forward to seeing how my opponent play it but a few days later I realised I cannot find this game any more, neither in my on going games, neither in my past games. I had not noted the game number, nor do I remember who was my opponent.
Has this happened to anyone ? (could be a brain glitch on my side)


Did the player perhaps resign?
You can check this in Profile > Game History.
Just opening the last x finished games.
Would be surprised if a game would have disappeared.

No name, game number?
Looks like looking for a needle in a haystack.


You could try searching through your browser history. If you’re dedicated, it’s there somewhere.


So far as I know, that is impossible. A game and even whole channels might disappear for a time during a server reset, or some problem, and it will take several minutes perhaps to reload, but I never heard of something being permanently lost. The game should be either in your active list or in your history.

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Of course, it’s possible. On OGS everything is possible.


Yes. I had a finished game vanish on me recently and its happened to others as I pointed out in the thread that S_Alexander linked to. I spotted the two examples mentioned in that thread in about 10-20 minutes of observation so I suspect it is/was quite common but that many people aren’t noticing that they games they played didn’t get added to their profile

Manually examining games played in that time period I lost my game in reveals that a substantial number of the games are completely corrupted (e.g. game number 26348169), with no data retained, or mostly corrupted (e.g. 26346248) with only some data such as the game creator available. Checking again before posting this comment I see that some of the games that were mostly corrupted when I looked a couple of days ago have now been restored.

I’m inclined to think that some sort of subtle borking has been going on that isn’t as overt as missing move indicators, or problems with submitting moves.


Can you remember when it started?

I regularly check my game history and never experienced that a game had vanished. Of course this doesn’t prove anything either way. I am only one of the thousands of players on OGS.

If we want to find out if this is possible, someone has to show some hard evidence, that can not be ignored. Until that happens, all we do is mere speculation.
I don’t exclude the possibility that a game could have vanished, because

is probably correct.

Prove that a game that has been played is missing, and then the mods / developers have something they can work with.

How can you prove that a game is missing?
First step: Write down the game number of each and every game you play.
Second step: Check your list of game numbers in your game history. If there is a game number missing you have your proof (additional data is welcome: a screen shot of the game info, a SGF download, special circumstances, etc.).
Third step: show your proof to the mods and they will look into it.

Only with proof of a vanishing game, action can be taken.
Without proof, it will remain talk and speculation.


Two games were linked by dangermousse.

deleted because not relevant anymore.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.

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Okay, a digital hug is fine.

Sorry I did not follow up: thanks for the Hint that it might have been observed. I ll do some more thorough research, in particular using my browsing history. Of course, it could be all in my head.